Baton Rouge Kids Fighting Cancer

Baton Rouge Kids Fighting Cancer

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Students fighting for a Cure

As a teacher it’s my job to help my students to learn math, but as a person—I want to teach them compassion and how to become advocates for those in need.
A 12 year old can’t necessarily relate to curing cancer, but they can relate to helping a single individual—and my mother has been their focus to do something for the greater good—I think it’s wonderful and so does my mom that we can serve as a catalyst to, hopefully, foster this in their future.
I decided to create this event because my students encouraged me to! It wasn’t my idea, I just helped them with the planning---and I think that speaks volumes for the heart these kids have. All too often, we only hear about how bad kids are today—its our job to bring out the good and that’s what this event is doing.
I can grow my  hair back, but I can’t re-create the heart that these students are showing to me, my mother and all of those people battling cancer.
Woman’s Hospital has donated pink “Superhero” bracelets to the kids for some positive reinforcement. If the community wants to reach out as well and show these young women and men that their efforts count—we welcome any donations, support, encouragement, or acknowledgements.

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  1. Southeast Middle School -

    You all rock ... in Pink! Thank you for your passion and efforts to raise funds to fight breast cancer. This student body rose to the pink challenge, collected money for donations and are demonstrating to the Baton Rouge community your SE Middle School Cougar PRIDE!

    Thank you so very much.
    Janet Dewey-Kollen, Executive Director
    Baton Rouge Affiliate
    Susan G. Komen for the Cure