Baton Rouge Kids Fighting Cancer

Baton Rouge Kids Fighting Cancer

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Inspiration for the Idea

Below are a few pictures of my students reading the article that sparked this amazing idea.  On October 1, 2010 my mom was in the local newspaper in recognition of her fight with Breast Cancer.  I brought copies for each student to read.  After they finished reading the article they decided that they wanted to help.  At the time this idea hadn't been hatched, however a smaller but equally inspirational idea had.

My 6th grade students decided that they HAD to help and they did just that. One student asked if she could make a card for my mother, which I knew would help my mom keep her spirits up.  After that the ideas just started to snowball.  The classes then made cards, not just for my mother, but for other cancer patients that were also going through chemo. 

We ended up with over 100 cards that the students had made.  I sent the cards to my mother to bring with her the next time that she goes to chemo, at the end of October.  How surprised do you think these women will be to receive cards made from kids they have never met?   People always ask for a miracle, I can almost guarantee that the day my mom passes out the cards miracles will be happening.  Women going through the dramatic and terrifying process of chemo will receive a special card made just for her.

My students inspire me every day and I HOPE they inspire you as well.

With all the hope in my heart,

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