Baton Rouge Kids Fighting Cancer

Baton Rouge Kids Fighting Cancer

Monday, February 10, 2014

Trying for our REPEAT!

2014-2015 Goal: $10,000

Please help us reach our goal by donating to the link below...
To say that I am proud of my students is an understatement!
 In the years following our $10,000 success story, our students have continued to show their support for the Breast Cancer community, but it's time that we attempt a repeat!
I have again made the agreement that if the community helps us raise another $10,000 I will cut off 10 inches of my hair. However, this time my 7 year old daughter and a fellow friend/co-worker have agreed to do the same.

 The students are making and
 selling t-shirts to raise money within the school, they are learning excellent craftsmanship in their Graphic Arts class.  


The owners of Painting and Pinot have been very gracious by giving up their time and supplies to help our students paint fleur de lies breast cancer symbols. The students plan to donate the paintings to Breast Cancer survivors.  

 We hope that each of you will either join our team and attend the race with us or at least make a donation towards our team!