Baton Rouge Kids Fighting Cancer

Baton Rouge Kids Fighting Cancer

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Southeast Middle School raises $10,000 for Breast Cancer

Please start at the bottom to read our whole story.

Since I’m a MATH teacher it’s only fitting to put this as an addition problem.
938 Students
Southeast faculty

Wonderful friends
+ A Supportive community
$10,000 +

We have accomplished our goal of $10,000.  However until we find a cure we have not won the fight!

Please feel free to continue to donate to this wonderful cause on behalf of our school.

From the bottom of our hearts… THANK YOU!
Much love,
Michelle & Annabella Perk, Mollee Vicknair, and all the Southeast Cougars


  1. Congratulations to you for teaching your students such a lesson in empathy, and thanks for sending me the link. I am sure the students enjoyed the hair cutting part a lot!

    Locks of Love ( is a worthy charity accepting hair to be made into wigs for children who lose their hair for medical reasons.

    My husband also taught in an inner city school for 14 years. You do very special work!

  2. PS Please wish your mom, from me, a speedy and complete recovery to full good health!